"First Click is a Secure Service Provider"

Indias Premium Portfolio Management Advisors 10+ years of extensive research in market movements Market Research │ Strategies │ Management Join US

"First Click is a Secure Service Provider"

Indias Premium Portfolio Management Advisors 10+ years of extensive research in market movements Market Research │ Strategies │ Management Join US

"First Click is a Secure Service Provider"

Indias Premium Portfolio Management Advisors 10+ years of extensive research in market movements Market Research │ Strategies │ Management Join US


The Key Features of our Job


Intraday working requires frequent buying and sellling of script/product within the same day.First Click provides Best Intraday strategies for aggressive client. Our Intraday services are Designed to help you make the most of the market movements throughout the day.

Short Term

Best short term investment plans involves strategies to buy stock expected to go up in the short term because of momentum. Choose from a variety of services for your short term investments need.

Medium Term

First click Portfolio Management advisors providing Best investment plans in Finance Market for medium Term in India. First click has a wide range of products which are designed tosuit the investment needs of everyone.

Long Term

Retirement planning or higher education for your new born child ,whatever your long term goal is, we have a tailor made service for your needs.Plan your long term investments with first click.

Let You Known

  • Revitalize your portfolio by investing in well known strategies

    Fundamentally sound comp anies selected using Greenblatt's Magic Formula Investment Strategy.

    The Little book that beats the finance market written by Joel Greenblatt's talks about value investment strategy. The books discusses about higher return on capital employed which leads to higher profit earning. Return on capital employed measures the profitability and efficiency of the company. This Neuron is built by applying the Magic formula as described in the book, with special emphasis being given on those sto cks which are trading at rea sonable price for long term portfolio.

  • Market Neuron helps you build your portfolio with value picked scripts.

    High performing value picked scripts at low value ations.

    Value investing is an investment strategy w here scripts are selected that trade for less than their intrinsic values. It is gen erally seen that market overreacts to good and bad news, resulting in stock price movements that do not correspond with a company's long-term fun damentals, giving an opportunity to profit when the price is deflated. This value buying strategy based scripts selection gives good upside return potential in the long term. In this Neuron value picked scripts are selected based on its intrinsic value, which is above its current market price. Capital Requirement: 50K

  • Fast growing script which provide quick retuns on your investments

    Fast Growing script

    Growth rate is a measure of the rate at which a company's net earnings have increa sed du ring the previous fi scal quarter. Companies in a high growth trajectory have big in vestment opportunities and they invest their earnings in the business. The increase investment spending year on year is reflected in the contin uous increase in profit. market price of th ese companies show strong price momentum in market and are rela tively outperformer in the market. Comparative valu ations of these companies are historica lly on the higher side refl ecting strong earnings growth. This Neuron is built by selecting companies which are sh owing earnings growth and strong price momentum, thus leading to fast growing sto cks. Features: Investment Growth, Money Growth, Financial Growth. Daily:1-2 Recommend ations Follow Up:Yes Medium: HIGH SECURE SERVICE will be given Via Voice and SMS Sample PROVIDE BUY PRICE, EXIT PRICE AND RISK FECTOR To know more about our HIGH SECURE services, get in touch with your relationship manager.

  • A portfolio of stocks with good dividend returns

    Fundamentally strong companies screened using Kevin Matras' criteria that gives dividend yielding stocks,

    This Neuron is built based on invest ment criteria set out by Kevin Matras, an US ba sed investment exnert in his hank 'Eindinn #1 Stacks: Screenina Rack testinaand Time.Praven Stratenies"

  • A growth investment plan can help you in achieving your goals

    ompanies screened for growth investing using parameters in the book 'The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns.

    This Neuron is based on a book "The Naked Trader by Robbie Burns" which is a growth investing strategy. Stocks are exclusively select ed on the basis of strong growth and earn ings in the recent past. Other factors are also ta ken into consider ation like the price momentum and value, and focus on small and mid-cap stocks. High leverage companies a re avoided in this selection process as it affects the profitability and return on equity of the company. Stocks are also screen ed on valu ation paramet ers like PE, EV/EBITDA, P/BV ratio, so that reasonably priced st ocks a re selected.

  • Get a portfolio based on the great investor- Benjamin Graham

    Companies that are undervalued with good solvency ratio on the ba sis ofa book "The Inteligent Investor

    Benjamin Graham, also known as the "father of value investin g" set out some important stock picking criterion in his book "The Intelligent Investor". This Neur on is built by applying the few criterions like Compan ies with low Debt / Equity Ratio and high "Earnings to Fixed Charges" ratio indicate long term solven cy and the soundn ess of long-term financial policies of the company. Graham emphasizes the use of "price to book va lue" ratio for picking up undervalued companies which are showing future growth prospects in terms of Earnings as well as Cash Flows.

About Us

First Click

" First Click (Portfolio Management) is a pure play financial market research and consulting company. As a pioneer ,we were the first one to introduce the term 'Portfolio Management' in india and have been credited with introducing the same as a prominent factor in market research. "

First Click

The Organization was founded in 2006 with the objective of offering unbaised technical analysis, to the trading community, by experienced professionals to create a conducive environment.

First Click

Assesss, reduce and manage your security risk. Our experts and proven frameworks provide deep understanding of business and compliance needs.


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  • Half yearly : ₹35,000
  • Quarterly : ₹20,000
  • Monthly : ₹7,500
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High Secure Quality Service
  • Half yearly : ₹75,000
  • Quarterly : ₹50,000
  • Monthly : ₹20,000
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